I received a wonderful early Christmas present this year when I discovered UNRIDDEN had been nominated for The Romance Studio’s CAPA Awards for Best Erotic Contemporary Romance and I was up for Favorite Erotic Romance Author. With the upheaval of having Unridden released in May under the Linden Bay Romance label, and then re-released as a best seller for the second time in 6 months in November through Samhain Publishing, to have this validation that the story stands on its own two feet as far as readers and reviewers are concerned was wonderful…

For those who may have missed TRS’s review that led to UNRIDDEN being reviewer-nominated for a CAPA, here is a snippet….

“…Cat Johnson is an author who brilliantly captivates her readers luring them into her world time after time. Every delightful tale she writes is brimming with passion, humor, action, and love. She immediately captures her reader’s attention with her clever plotting, compelling characters, and the simmer passion that she creates. Once you have read one of her stories you will be hooked.

Unridden launches a new series for Ms. Johnson that is sure to play on readers’ fantasies with wicked delight. What woman doesn’t dream about two sexy-as-sin cowboys and the simmering passion and naughty delights that can be found with them? Jenna is hooked and this sassy and a bit neurotic city slicker is having the ride of her life! These appealing characters are unpredictable, outrageously funny, and dynamic. The witty and snappy repartee between them will have the reader laughing out loud. The secondary characters add a little spice to the story and work well to move the story forward. Readers will still be thinking about these characters long after the last page is read. The sexual escapades are truly delicious and add sensual heat to burn up the sheets. Each scene is masterfully crafted, each emotion real and touching. The backdrop of the rodeo circuit works well with this plot, paving the way for extreme action, danger, and pulse pounding adventure. This is a story that shouldn’t be missed!

Fans of Cat Johnson prepare for her to unlock your deepest desires with this memorable story!”

Overall rating:

Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Shannon, The Romance Studio

What I find particularly motivating in writing this series about the romance of the modern cowboy is that it brings the Western Romance genre out of the dark ages of the historical romance, where the heroine was a fainting violet and the hero so stuck in his own principles of being a gentleman sex was out of the question. The esteemed Eloisa James blogged just yesterday on the Barnes&Noble blog about how sad that true westerns were hard to find. By true she meant set in the late 1800’s in the Amercian West. I dare say she is wrong. The western romance is alive and well, it has simply been brought into the 21st century, and thank God for that.


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