What was under your tree? Maybe more than you realize…

What did you get this morning when you tore open that wrapping paper?

Did you get a Kindle or Sony eReader? Then stick around and I’ll tell you how to start filling it up for free. For the rest of you, what else did you get?

An iPod Touch?

An iPhone?

A new fangled Google Android phone?

A Blackberry?

A Palm?

A netbook?

Then you got an eReader too and you don’t even know it! Yup. There are apps that will allow you to quckly, easily, wirelessly fill your device with ebooks right this very moment. Talk about instant satisfaction.

You can download the Stanza app for the Touch or the iPhone and connect instantly to Project Gutenberg if free classic reads are your thing. Or connect to All Romance eBooks and check out one of the many free reads listed there through Stanza. There is also a free Stanza Desktop version that you download onto your computer which will convert your non-DRM Word and PDF files and wirelessly send them to your Touch or Phone. Got the Google phone instead? The Aldiko app works the same as Stanza.

For eBooks with Digital Rights Management (DRM) it is a little trickier but the eReader/Secure Microsoft format and the Stanza app is said to handle it on the iPhone/iPod Touch. Don’t quote me, I haven’t tried it personally yet. I wouldn’t recommend downloading a Secure Adobe PDF or Secure Microsoft eBook for your first attempt at reading eBooks. I guarantee it will be an exercise in frustration because even I have trouble with DRM/secure eBooks.

Barnes & Noble has an app that allows you to download and read eBooks on your phone. Amazon has a Kindle app for smart phones too.

New to eBooks? Then go and check out these free reads and see how you like reading on your new device. There are many many formats available so make sure you get the one that is right for your device. IE The Touch uses ePub (unless you covert another format with Stanza Desktop first) And here is the ARe FAQ for how to get eBooks purchased from other vendors onto your Amazon Kindle and lists the various formats and procedure for the different smart phones and reading devices .


Linden Bay Romance

All Romance eBooks



Project Gutenberg


Aldiko for Android

No matter what you got, or didn’t get, or what holiday you celebrate, I wish you all a beautiful day and happy reading.

Merry Christmas!


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