Are you proud of what you’ve done? Or should you be ashamed?

While I was occupied with proofreading ARe’s Wildfire newsletter yesterday (yes, I am the one to blame if it goes out with a typo), the program on the television I was mostly ignoring as I worked changed from the noon news to a game show. As the contestant sought to become a millionaire, and I was about to turn off the TV, one question captured my attention. It was about Randy Pausch and The Last Lecture.

The one hour plus video of a lecture delivered by a little known professor at Carnegie Mellon University captured the nation’s attention. The video on YouTube now has over 10 million views. Why? Because Randy was dying of pancreatic cancer and that was literally his last lecture to his students.

Even though by some strange coincidence that proves it is indeed a very small world I happen to be friends with Randy’s cousin who is a member of my Junior League, I watched Randy’s final months play out in the media just like everyone else. For once the media got it right; instead of just covering the lives and deaths of celebrities who don’t deserve the time we give to them, they devoted lots of time to Randy’s final months as he tried to leave a legacy for his family to hold onto after his death.

Being reminded of Randy and the exemplary way he ended his life with grace and wisdom, and 2009 coming rapidly to a close, made me think. If your life ended tomorrow, what would you leave as your legacy? Look back at the past few months.

Are you proud of what you’ve done? Or should you be ashamed?

Think about it.


Watch the Last Lecture on YouTube

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