I just returned from the Authors After Dark weekend where I met fans and other authors and finally got to put faces to names I’ve been running into online for years now. Now that I’m back, I’m catching up on sleep and work.

Things are happening. Some long awaited, others a complete surprise.

First, I was just brought on to be a regular blogger for a really fun site. This site has nothing to do with romance authors or readers, which is what makes it so exciting. I get to expose a whole new group of readers to the insanity that comes with the romance industry. The main site actually focuses on foods that are Aphrodisiacs, which makes it a nice tie in to romance actually. Here’s the link to my blog Confessions of a Romance Writer.

From there you can get to the other blogs and the main site. Check it out, it’s a lot of fun. I stumbled upon it while researching natural aphrodisiacs for my upcoming release (which is my next bit of news). “Gillian’s Island”, a fun, sexy, short story, will release from Sapphire Blue Publishing in November. It’s about a group of castaways, my twist on the old TV show Gilligan’s Island.

On the cowboy front, Rough Stock rereleased through Samhain and became an instant best seller, hitting #2 on the MBAM list, which is really good for a re-release. Unridden is the next to be moved from the soon to be defunct Linden Bay Romance imprint over to Samhain. That will happen officially on November 10th. THEN, this is the best part, we are in edits on the sequel to Unridden, the long awaited story for Mustang Jackson. Yes, Bucked has been contracted and as soon as I have a release date, I’ll let you know.

On the military front, I have rewritten and expanded the first story in my first military trilogy. “Trey”, story 1 from Trilogy No. 103: Red Hot & Blue has been contracted and will be released from Samhain. Sean, the soldier muse, is currently very busy getting ready for his 6th deployment. This will be his second to Afghanistan. I anticipate this with mixed feelings. Though I worry about him daily while he is there, I also know the excitement radiating off him while he’s deployed in palpable. I truly believe adrenaline is a drug and certain men are most happy when it is surging through them at full force. Sean is one of those. The other strange part is, I have much more contact with him when he’s deployed than when he’s not. I expect lots more stories of everyday life on his Forward Operating Base in the border province and tales of missions, all of which will of course inspire me to want to write another military book I am sure. I haven’t had a new one released since A Prince Among Men, which was about his last deployment. I guess I am due.

On the Greek God front, I am 2/3 of the way done with the story for Pantheon Volume 3. I need to finish and submit that this week. It is a twisted (very twisted) retelling of the Eros (aka Cupid) and Psyche tale. We’ll see what both the editors and you all think about my interpretation. It should be interesting. LOL! In the meantime, both Pantheon Volume 1 and also Volume 2 are both available in print.

And in the middle of it all I am reading and reading some more to get through the many submissions from the more than generous authors who have sent in stories for the All Romance eBooks’ call for their 28 Days of Heart Charity Campaign to benefit the American Heart Association. There are so many, I will most likely pull my own submission and let one of the others have my spot.

That’s it for now!


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