Unridden Rated Orgasmic by Just Erotic Romance Reviews

You can’t please everyone. That is what I tell myself anyway. Then, sometimes, a reader or a reviewer really gets it. T. S. Peters from Just Erotic Romance Reviews really got UNRIDDEN. This reviewer got Jenna the heroine, as well as the hero and the story, which means more than I can say because so much of me is in Jenna. The mediocre writer whose career is dictated by forces outside of her control, who takes reviews and criticism too much to heart, who’s been more than once forced to turn to strangers for help only to have them turn into more in her life.

The review is very long but more than worth the read, however I believe fair use laws only allow me to paste a bit of it here, not the entire thing. It can be found in full now in the JERR Newsletter (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/justeroticromancereviewsnewsletter/) available at their Yahoo group. It will eventually be posted at the JERR website, though there is usually a bit of a lag. (justeroticromancereviews.com)


“This is a story about an erotic romance author whose reviewers and agents tell her that her writing is just average. She is told that if she wants to further her career she has to change her style. Although I am not normally into cowboys, just this premise alone sparked my interest and had me laughing my head off. I feel the need to warn readers that this is not a true ménage book. It is at its heart still a boy meets girl story. Girl just happens to leave her options open while she’s falling. …the sex (which there is a WHOLE LOT of) between them is amazing! I found it to be adventurous, passionate and very, very stirring… I would happily recommend this book to anyone, with full assurance that it would soon be on the keeper shelf.”

T.S. Peters, Just Erotic Romance Reviews (JERR)

Rated Five Stars: The reviewer found this book to have engaged all her reading senses. Well written, arousing, with well developed characters and plot line. There were no faults with this story, and considers it definitely worth re-reading

Heat Level Orgasmic!!! Our reviewer found the ultimate satisfaction with this book.

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