What’s up? The final round robin is!

What have I been doing? Nothing I’m prepared to talk about right now. Mysterious, aren’t I? Not really, just holding in the rant for now. However, I can tell you this…

Remember that Round Robin I was in last month? Well she finally posted the LAST installment today and guess who wrote it?? That’s right, I had the fun (snort, yeah, fun) of wrapping up the many, many loose ends and dead ends and tangled ends that the other authors left me.

Here’s the link. http://www.romanceinthebackseat.com/mayss.htm

Romance in the Backseat

On another note, UNRIDDEN is still #1 at Linden Bay Romance and just concluded a solid 3 week reign of terror on the MyBookstoreAndMore site’s top 10 list before disappearing into obscurity at 3am this morning.


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