Unridden is here!

The eBook is now up for preorder, available tomorrow Tuesday, May 26th and the first review is posted…

“Cat Johnson is one author whom I’ve sincerely enjoyed watching grow in strength through each new story she has published. UNRIDDEN gives readers a more realistic look at the lives of professional bull riders as well as allowing you a peek at the trials and tribulations of an erotic author. I got a real kick out of the characters in this story – even the secondary characters have a unique flair and personality that makes each and every one of them take on a life all their own. Jenna’s relationship with Slade and Mustang really captured my heart. Each man is vastly different yet they work well together and I could fully understand why it’s nearly impossible for any woman to resist them. UNRIDDEN is the first title in Ms. Johnson’s STUDS IN SPURS series so I’m now quite anxious for the next title, BUCKED, to be released.”

C Dionne, Romance Junkies, 5 Blue Ribbons

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