Yes, I know, there are those of you who think you will only ever read a “real” paper book that you can hold in your hand. But how about this? 3 FREE Cat Johnson eBook downloads. Tempted? Go to Linden Bay Romance .com or All Romance eBooks .com and click on the Free Reads tab or go to my site to the Book page and locate the 3 books marked Free Reads. Download one (or all) of my Free Reads (yes, for Free) and give reading an eBook a try. If you have an iPhone, you can load the eBooks on there using the Free Staza App. If you don’t, read it on your computer. You can increase font size (something your paperbook can not do). It has a backlight so you don’t need a bright reading light. You can store and carry hundreds of books in the space of a thumbdrive or cell phone. You can wake up in the middle of the night and download a book instead of driving to the store.

Why did my publisher and I decide to give away these 3 ebooks rather than sell them? Because I think you will appreciate the many differences eBooks have compared to paper books once you give them a try. And since promoting eBooks is the goal here and not just the selfish promotion of myself, I can tell you that I went through the Stanza App on my iPod Touch and downloaded a bunch of free eBooks from Harlequin, who is giving them away in celebration of their 60th Anniversary.

Here are the titles of the 3 Cat Johnson FREE READS so you can locate them more easily on Linden Bay and/or ARe:
Under the Covers
Friends with Benefits
Black Cat



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