The first review is here for the Love’s Immortal: Pantheon anthology, in which I have the short story ERATO. Here’s a bit of it. The full review is posted at on the book page at

“LOVE’S IMMORTAL PANTHEON consists of seven stories revolving around the Roman gods and the various other entities who inhabit Mt. Olympus. Each author brings these gods and goddesses to life and portrays them as flawed individuals with hopes, dreams and desires. The stories of this anthology are endearing, fast paced, humorous, memorable and incorporate everything I’ve always found so intriguing about the ancient gods and how flawed they really were. If you’re looking for a fun read that encompasses several different genres while still involving Greek gods and goddesses then this is the book for you.”

Rated 5 Blue Ribbons by Chrissy Dionne of Romance Junkies

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